Ashlyne Huff | Let It Out (2011)

Artist:   Ashlyne Huff
Album: Let It Out 
Label : Liquid Digital Media
Genre : Pop

Track List:
01  White Flag
02  Whatever
03  Knockout
04  Senseless
05  Runway
06  Run To You
07  Own The Night
08  Let It Out
09  Begin Again (As featured on Drop Dead Diva) (Bonus Track)




An EP released in 2010 introduced me to her.  Her song Heart of Gold was a stunner.  Back then, the album only had six (6) songs and before I even find out that it did become a full length album, Let It Go was already here. Haha!  Aside from being a singer, Ashlyne is also a dancer and song-writer. Most of the songs in her debut album was written or co-written by her.


I had high expectations over this album ever since I heard the promo single, White Flag.  The song was very upbeat and danceable and I really thought that I’d hear more of like this in the album.  Unfortunately, I got disappointed when I finally heard the album. Most of the songs in it sound the same and White Flag was the only one that stood out for me.  I can’t even remember a song on the album aside from White Flag.  That’s bad! Haha!  Uhm, just being honest.  After a few repeats, I stopped listening to the album already.  It’s not that bad, it’s just boring and most of the songs are forgettable.



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MV [White Flag]


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