Benjo | Covers (EP)

Artist:     Benjo
Album:   Covers (EP)
Genre:     Pop
Studio:    On-Air

Track List:
01.  To Be With You (David Archuleta Cover)
02.  You Can (David Archuleta Cover)
03.  Save The Day (David Archuleta Cover)
04.  Falling Stars (David Archuleta Cover)
05.  Can’t Fight This Feeling (Glee Cast Cover)






Hey guys!  Nice to be back.  It’s been a while since my last post.  Well, the past months had been very “chaotic” that I’ve totally lost time updating this blog.  Also, I just turned 26 a few days ago and I thought that I’d share with you a collection of my own covers.  Yeah, I sing! Haha!  I just thought that this could somehow strengthen my credibility as a music blogger.  Haha! I hope.


And since I am a certified David Archuleta fan, almost all of the songs I covered were his’.  I wouldn’t have shared this yet because I wanted to record more but I thought that it’s the perfect time to do so since it’s my birthday.  Uhm, I hope you guys like it and COMMENTS are always welcome.  I’ve included a digital booklet also, which I did myself.  So enjoy and please, bear with me.  Hahaha!  Studio recording is way more difficult than live singing so apologies for a few bad notes (which I hope weren’t that obvious! Haha!).


After this post, I hope I can go back to reviewing albums again. Wish me luck! 🙂


“Falling Stars”


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