Kimberly Caldwell | Without Regret (2011)

Artist:   Kimberly Caldwell
Album: Without Regret
Genre:   Pop/Rock
Label:    Capitol Records


Track List:

01  Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys
02  Heart Like Mine
03  Naked
04  Hotter Without You
05  Say Love
06  Mess Of You
07  If You’re Gonna Fall
08  Taking Back My Life
09  Going Going Gone
10  Frozen
11  Human After All
12  Cost Of Love (Bonus Track)
13  When I’m Not Around (Bonus Track)
14  Sleep While I Drive (Bonus Track)





Aside from Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, I’ve never heard a Pop/Rock female artist with such a powerful voice as Kimberly Ann Caldwell.  She’s an American Idol alumnus who recently released her debut album, Without Regret, after years of postponement due to record label issues and song improvements.


Kim is best known during her AI days for her gutsy vocals, passionate performances, and earthy charisma.  I wasn’t initially a fan of her until I heard the first single off the album called Mess of You, which even became my theme song for some time.  Haha!  It talks about a person wishing for a mess to happen to the one he/she loves so that person will have to run for comfort to him/her.  Isn’t that sweet?  Haha!  Anyway, the song is such a hooker.  It’s very dramatic and if you’ll listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll end up teary-eyed.  Hahaha!  I can’t imagine someone singing this song besides her.  This song never fails to leave me breathless.  Haha!


What I love about her voice is that it’s husky and powerful.  She hits those high notes flawlessly.  Aside from that, her image and physical appearance also make her a perfect package.  It’s just sad that this album didn’t sell much and Mess of You didn’t even hit the charts. Can you believe that?


My favorite songs include the opening track, Desperate Boys and Stupid Girls, Heart Like Mine, Naked, Hotter Without You and of course, Mess of You.


Rating:     4 of 5 notes


[MV] Mess of You


[Album Download Link]  Without Regret


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