Natalia Kills | Perfectionist (2011) *iTunes Version: Audio Only*

Artist:   Natalia Kills
Title:      Perfectionist
Label:    Interscope, Universal
Genre:   Pop

Track List:

01  Perfection
02  Wonderland
03  Free
04  Break You Hard
05  Zombie
06  Love Is a Suicide
07  Mirrors
08  Not In Love
09  Acid Annie
10  Superficial
11  Broke
12  Heaven
13  Nothing Lasts Forever
14  If I Was God
15  Mirrors (Live At the Cherrytree House)
16  Zombie (Kleerup Remix)
17  Mirrors (Tonka Dynamix)




And I am officially back! Haha! Got too busy with life the past few months and I totally forgot about blogging.  But since a lot of you have been following up for new posts, I will try updating this blog again.  You know I’d do anything for you guys, right? Haha!


Okay so as an opening entry, I am giving you Natalia Kills or  Natalia Noemi Cappuccini.  This album has been on my iPod for a very long time now and I’m actually over listening to this one already so I hope I’d still be able to give a good review.  Haha!


Natalia Kills is an English singer-songwriter and is also an actress and a short film director.  She was one of my 2011 discoveries.  It was her song, Wonderland that got me hooked and then from there, I started rooting for more of her materials.  Her music career boomed when Interscope discovered Wommannequin, her self-produced EP.  Eventually, she was signed up as a recording artist of the label under the wing of Cherrytree Records.  She released her first single, Mirrors in August of 2010 and Perfectionist, the full album this year.


Perfectionist is a collection of unique songs that depict Kills’ image as an artist.  The standard album consists of fourteen (14) songs while the iTunes version has seventeen (17) songs and a video of Mirrors, which she performed live at the Cherrytree House.  The album basically talks about life and all the aspects in it  like love, heaven, individuality, and uniqueness.  My favorite songs are Wonderland, Mirrors, Zombie, Free, and Superficial.  Listening closely, I may actually compare her music with that of Lady Gaga’s.  They both sound so carefree and rebellious.  Anyway, this album’s a bomb, I must say so enjoy!  Watch also the disturbing video for Wonderland.


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


[MV] Wonderland



[Album Download Link] Perfectionist

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