Nicole Scherzinger | Killer Love (2011) *plus*

Artist:   Nicole Scherzinger
Album: Killer Love
Label:   Interscope
Genre:  Pop

Track List:

01  Poison
02  Killer Love
03  Don’t Hold Your Breath
04  Right There
05  You Will Be Loved
06  Wet
07  Say Yes
08  Club Banger Nation
09  Power’s Out (feat. Sting)
10  Desperate
11  Everybody
12  Heartbeat (feat. Enrique Iglesias)(Rudi Wells Open Heart Remix)
13  Casualty
14  AmenJena
15  Cold (Bonus)
16  Guns And Roses (Bonus)
17  Still Here (feat. Pharell Williams)(Bonus)
18  Feels So Good (Bonus)




And she does it right this time!


Fil-Am Superstar and Ex-Pussycat Doll member, Nicole Scherzinger, releases her first solo album, Killer Love.  Well technically, it’s her second.  It’s just sad that her first try for a solo album didn’t go fine when Her Name is Nicole got shelved even before it was released as a full album.  Good thing, though, that a few singles from that album were released such as Whatever U Like featuring T.I. and Baby Love.


This time around, there’s no stopping Nicole as she showcase her talent in this 12-track album featuring RedOne as the lead producer.  The album’s first single, Poison, received mainly positive reviews for establishing Nicole with her own sound and identity.  Nicole’s comeback and reinvention even became stronger with the release of a second single, Don’t Hold Your Breath, which peaked at No. 1 in the UK.  Upon release of the album, Killer Love has received generally positive reviews from critics but some thought that since RedOne did majority of the album, songs sounded similar one after the other.


In my opinion, I think Nicole did great in this album.  Don’t Hold Your Breath instantly became my favorite when it was released as a single.  It’s simple, yet, it leaves an imprint on your brain that would make you want to listen to it over and over again.  My favorite songs in this album are Killer Love, Don’t Hold Your Breath, You Will Be Loved, Say Yes, Power’s Out featuring Sting, and Desperate.  I’ve added leftover songs Cold and Guns and Roses.  They’re both good but I don’t know why these did not make it to the album.  Still Here is an unreleased song from Her Name is Nicole, which just leaked recently.  Haha!  Enjoy!


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


[MV] Don’t Hold Your Breath

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