Britney Spears | Femme Fatale (2011) *plus*

Artist:    Britney Spears
Album:  Femme Fatale
Label:     Jive
Genre:    Pop


Track List:

01  ‘Til The World Ends
02  Hold It Against Me
03  Inside Out
04  I Wanna Go
05  How I Roll
06  (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi)
07  Seal It With A Kiss
08  Big Fat Bass (feat. Will.I.Am)
09  Trouble For Me
10  Trip To Your Heart
11  Gasoline
12  Criminal
13  Don’t Keep Me Waiting
14  He About To Lose Me
15  Selfish
16  Up N’ Down
17  Big Fat Bass (Solo Version)(Bonus)
18  ‘Til The World Ends (Explicit Version)(Bonus)
19  Scary (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)




Ooops! She did it again and this time, it’s bigger!


Pop Princess, Britney Spears, returns this year with a hot new album —  and her seventh — entitled, Femme Fatale, which is her tribute to the new men and women of today’s generation.  It’s her best album to date, according to her.  Well, I may have to agree with that.


I was never a fan of Britney primarily because I never believed in her voice.  But there’s something in her music that would really make you want to listen.  I guess it’s the way her record producers arrange her songs.  And besides, she’s into danceable tracks most of the time, which didn’t actually require that much belting.  Haha!  In my case, I just love listening to how the beats of her songs complement her voice and eventually produce a catchy record.


Going back to the album, I think overall, Femme Fatale managed to retain Britney as one of the Pop Princesses of all time.  The album is brilliant.  I bet you won’t skip a song from start to finish.  In fact when I first had a listen, I ended up wanting more.  There were a few tracks in the album that got me addicted.  Good thing the deluxe version of it had bonus tracks that were also amazing.  Expectedly, songs in the album had nice beats and melodies — very upbeat and danceable!


Since I like almost all of the songs in this album, let me just mention a few not-so nice tracks for me and these are Seal It With A Kiss and Big Fat Bass featuring Will.I.Am.  The rest are really really good specially (Drop Dead) Beautiful featuring Sabi.  The standard version of the album only contains twelve (12) songs while the deluxe has four (4) additional songs.  Well, my compilation is better because I added as bonuses the solo version of Big Fat Bass and Scary, which is a bonus track from the Japanese edition.  Ain’t that a jackpot? Haha! 😛


Anyway, please support the artist.  Enjoy! 😉


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


[MV] Hold It Against Me

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