Alexis Jordan | Alexis Jordan (2011)

Artist:    Alexis Jordan
Album:  Alexis Jordan
Label:     Sony Music
Genre:    Pop

Track List:

01  Happiness
02  Good Girl
03  How You Like Me Now
04  Say That
05  Love Mist
06  Habit
07  Hush Hush
08  High Road
09  Shout Shout
10  Laying Around
11  The Air That I Breathe




Well it seems like America’s Got Talent has lived up to its objective of producing amazing artists.  A perfect example of that would be Alexis Jordan, a singer and actress from South Carolina who was one of the contestants of the show’s first season.  She may have been eliminated easily but that didn’t stop her from making her dreams come true.  When it was already over for her on Got Talent, she started uploading covers on YouTube that attracted record producers.  Eventually, she was able to get a record deal.


In June of last year, her first single, Happiness, was released and reached No. 1 on the US Hot Dance Club Songs and Hot Dance Airplay Charts.  The song was also a favorite in UK and Australia.  In February of this year, she released a second single called Good Girl that eventually led to the release of her full-length self-titled debut album.


If you’re into the dance/pop genre, then you should really have this album.  I guess the album’s strength is Alexis’ powerful vocals and the catchy beats of her songs.  She definitely had the perfect team for a debut album.  Listening to her is like listening to Kat Deluna or Jessica Mauboy but still has that unique sound.  She’s one of my newest discoveries this year and I think she’ll go a long way in the music scene.


My favorite tracks are Happiness, Good Girl, How You Like Me Now, Say That, Habit, Hush Hush, High Road, Laying Around and The Air That I Breathe.  Wait! That’s almost the entire album already!  Haha!  Yeah.  Definitely a good album!  Enjoy!


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


[MV] Happiness

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