Jessie J – Who You Are (2011) *plus*

Artist:    Jessie J
Album:  Who You Are
Label:     Lava, Universal
Genre:    Pop

Track List:

01  Price Tag (feat. B.o.B)
02  Nobody’s Perfect
03  Abracadabra
04  Big White Room (Live)
05  Casualty of Love
06  Rainbow
07  Who’s Laughing Now
08  Do It Like a Dude
09  Mamma Knows Best
10  L.O.V.E.
11  Stand Up
12  I Need This
13  Who You Are
14  Price Tag (Acoustic Version)
15  Do It Like a Dude (Acoustic Version)
16  Who You Are (Live Acoustic Version)
17  Price Tag (Solo Version)(Bonus)




She’s the girl who tells you that “it’s not about the money!”  Haha!   She’s Jessica Ellen Cornish better known as Jessie J.


Jessie is a British singer and songwriter who first saw fame when she started writing songs for huge artists such as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Miley Cyrus.  Last year, she launched her solo career by releasing her first single, Do It Like A Dude. The song was catchy enough to place at No. 2 in the UK Charts.  The single was immediately followed by another single called Price Tag featuring B.o.B that officially became her first number one single.


The release of her full length album entitled Who You Are happened this year.  While the album managed to meet my expectations, I must say that she can do better materials than some of the songs in this record.  I’m not saying, though, that it’s not good.  It is good but it lacked a few elements I can’t pin point exactly.  Haha!  I just think that the catchiest song in this album is still Price Tag and all the rest are just mediocre songs — the kind that you won’t dump but they’re just not that addicting.  Haha!


My favorite tracks include Price Tag, Nobody’s Perfect, Abracadabra, Do It Like A Dude, and Who You Are.    I’ve included a bonus version of Price Tag, the one without B.o.B.  Enjoy!


Rating:     4 of 5 notes


MV: Price Tag (feat. B.o.B)


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