Nick Carter – I’m Taking Off (2011) *plus*

Artist:     Nick Carter
Album:   I’m Taking Off
Label:      Sony Music Entertainment
Genre:     Pop


Track List:

01  Burning Up (feat. Briton “Briddy” Shaw)
02  Not The Other Guy
03  So Far Away
04  Addicted
05  Special
06  Falling Down
07  Just One Kiss
08  Great Divide
09  Nothing Left To Lose
10  Falling In Love Again
11  I’m Taking Off
12  Jewel In Our Hearts (Bonus)
13  Prisoner (Bonus)*




Look who’s making a comeback!  It’s ex-BSB member, Nick Carter with his sophomore solo album I’m Taking Off.


I’ve always been a fan of the Backstreet Boys and I believe that Nick’s voice contributes a lot to the overall sound of the group so when he first released his debut album, Now or Never, I thought it would be good.  Well ironically, I didn’t like it that much aside from a few cuts like I Got You and Do I Have To Cry For You.  Most of the songs didn’t have catchy choruses, which made them forgettable.


This time around, the excitement about his second album wasn’t that high for me.  I didn’t even know he’s releasing one.  But when I started listening to it, darn! I was impressed.  Nick’s music has evolved into something you can compare with Kevin Rudolf’s or Bryan McFadden’s.  The melodies are now more retentive and the songs are awesome.  The album was first released in Japan where it charted on No. 8 with the single, Just One Kiss.


My favorite songs are Burning Up featuring Briddy Shaw,  Not The Other Guy, Great Divide, Just One Kiss, and Addicted.  Overall, the album’s great.  It’s not boring except from the very draggy song, Special, which is very ironic because Stargate produced it.  Haha!  Anyway, I also included a leftover song called Prisoner.  Enjoy!


Rating:     4 of 5 notes


MV: Just One Kiss


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