Elliot Yamin – Gather ‘Round (2011)

Album:   Gather ‘Round
Artist:     Elliott Yamin
Label:      Hickory Records
Genre:     Pop/R&B

Track List:

01  3 Words
02  Stay Away
03  Backbone
04  Deserted
05  Poison
06  Gather ‘Round
07  Self Control
08  I’m Thinkin’ ‘Bout You
09  Let’s Get To What’s Real
10  I’ll Be That Bridge
11  Virginia
12  Downtown




It’s been two years since Elliot Yamin released his debut album, Fight For Love.  It was such an amazing album — one of my favorite “Idol” albums actually, which featured nice R&B tracks.  This  year,  Elliot’s coming back with a brand new album.  But the catch?  It was only released in Japan.  I wonder why Japan always gets special packages from artists.  Haha!


Well anyway,  compared to  his debut, this one’s not that good.  When I first heard the carrier single, 3 Words, I actually felt excited about the entire thing because this song is really awesome.  I got disappointed after my first round listening to the album.  It was boring and most of the songs won’t stick instantly in your head.  Had I been more patient and listened to it a few more times, I might have picked a few favorites but no!  Haha!  You’ll know an album’s potentially good even at first listen (well, that’s me! Haha!).  Just thought of sharing anyway.


Favorite song? 3 words!  Enjoy!


Rating:     3 of 5 notes


MV: 3 Words


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