Greyson Chance – Waiting Outside The Lines EP (2010)

Artist:     Greyson Chance
Album:   Waiting Outside The Lines (EP)
Label:      Eleveneleven, Maverick, Interscope
Genre:     Pop


Track List:

01  Waiting Outside The Lines
02  Paparazzi
03  Fire






At his very young age, Greyson Chance is remarkable!  He has a very soothing voice that can capture the hearts of his audience.  Greyson became famous because of his Paparazzi (Lady Gaga cover) performance on YouTube, which gained over 36 million views.  After this, he already became in-demand on TV shows most notably his guesting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he sang Paparazzi live.


This EP gives us a glimpse of what we can expect more from Greyson in the future.  It contains three songs including his infamous Paparazzi cover and his first official single Waiting Outside The Lines, which is a powerful ballad.  The first time I heard this song, I can’t believe that I’m actually hearing it from a 13-year-old kid.  He really has a powerful voice and he’s a genuine talent, the kind that you’d love hearing sing live.


Anyway, I’m sharing this EP since this has already been released last year but still available on iTunes today so if you can, please purchase it.  Haha!  To others who can’t, well, get it here!  Haha!  Enjoy!


Here’s Greyson Chance’s video for Waiting Outside The Lines!



EP Download Link:

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