Nicole Scherzinger | Don’t Hold Your Breath (Single 2011)

Artist:       Nicole Scherzinger
Single:      Don’t Hold Your Breath
Album:   No Title Yet
Label:       Interscope
Genre:      Pop




First entry for 2011!  Finally!  Haha!


It was my first time to hear this song tonight and I instantly fell in love with it.  I just knew I had to share this immediately with you guys.  Haha!


Hold Your Breath is Nicole Scherzinger’s second single off her second (still untitled) album due early this year.  Her first single released last year was Poison, which I honestly didn’t like that much.  I think the song tried to be too “danceable” but fell short.  It was boring.  Not too mention it’s lame video as well.  Haha!


Well unlike the first single, Hold Your Breath is a hooker! I can’t describe exactly how it sounds but the first time I heard this, I can’t help but dance in place.  Haha!  It’s the perfect dance track!  A few more songs of this kind and for sure, her album will sell.  Now I’m excited to hear her new album.  I am also looking forward to a better music video for this.  This is such a nice track!


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