David Archuleta | Senseless (David Archuleta Leftover) 2011

Artist:     David Archuleta
Single:     Senseless
Album:    David Archuleta
Label:       Jive
Genre:      Pop




Here’s a leftover from David Archuleta’s debut album.  A cover of James Fauntleroy’s Senseless. I didn’t actually know that this song was just a cover until I’ve read it somewhere on the Internet.  Well, original or not, I must say that David did great on this song.  It’s so powerful.  I miss David singing and belting ballads like this.  He’s just so good at doing that.  Haha!


Again, I am sharing this because I want to promote his materials.  I hope he forgives me for leaking this.  Haha!  Guys, The Other Side of Down is still available so please grab your original copies.  I guess promoting’s the only thing I could do in return for sharing his leftover materials.  Haha!  Enjoy!


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