Cody Simpson | 4U EP (2010) *plus*

Artist:       Cody Simpson
Album:     4U EP *plus*
Label:        Atlantic Records
Genre:       Pop/R&B


Track List:

01  Round of Applause
02  iYiYi (feat. Flo-Rida)
03  All Day
04  Don’t Cry Your Heart Out
05  iYiYi (Acoustic)
06  Summertime (Bonus)





Here’s a leftover album from last year, which I forgot to post — Cody Simpon’s 4U. Thought I’d share this before his full-length album comes out this year.  Hehe.

Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian Pop/R&B singer-songwriter who’s rise to recognition came after releasing his debut single iYiYi, which featured American rapper Flo-Rida last year.  But before that, he had been recording songs and uploading them to YouTube.  Eventually, he was discovered by a Hollywood record producer, Shawn Campbell, who’s also responsible for Jay-Z and some other artists.


To most Justin Bieber fans, he’s a threat.  Haha!  Well, they should be threatened because this kid is really talented.  In fact, I like his voice better than Bieber’s.


4U is Cody’s first EP released last year.  This contains five tracks that are equally beautiful, most of which are upbeat.  My favorite tracks are iYiYi and Round of Applause. I’ve included a bonus track called Summertime, my favorite as well.  Go check out if you’ll like his music!  Enjoy!


Rating:     5 of 5 Notes



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