Natasha Bedingfield | Strip Me Deluxe (2010) *plus*

Artist:     Natasha Bedingfield
Album:   Strip Me (Deluxe) *plus*
Label:      Sony
Genre:     Pop

Track List

01  A Little Too Much
02  All I Need (Ft Kevin Rudolf)
03  Strip Me
04  Neon Lights
05  Weightless
06  Can’t Fall Down
07  Try
08  Touch
09  Run Run Run
10  Break Thru
11  No Mozart
12  Recover
13  Weightless (Less Is More Version)
14  Easy (with Rascal Flatts)
15  Strip Me (Less Is More Version)
16  All I Need (Less Is More Version)
17  Can’t Fall Down (Less Is More Version)
18  Unexpected Hero (Pre-Order Only Track)
19  Speechless (Bonus)
20  D.I.Y. (Bonus)
21  Unwritten (feat. Carney)(Bonus)




I just have this feeling that every time I post a fan-made album, the real deal gets released immediately after.  Haha!  And here’s one proof.  Weeks ago, I posted a fan-made compilation of Natasha Bedingfield’s Strip Me album.  A week later, the official album got released.  Wasn’t that cool?  Haha! Anyway, enough of that.  I am here to talk about Ms. Bedingfield’s latest album called Strip Me.


Strip Me is Natasha’s third studio album following Pocketful of Sunshine two years ago. The album was originally set to be released in November but was pushed a month further.  This is her second album that was released exclusively in the US but plans of releasing it worldwide is in the process.  The album was preceded by the promo single Touch, which was released in May and then followed by its official single Strip Me in September.


The album features brilliant songs produced by brilliant record makers with Ryan Tedder taking the lead.  Personally, this album is one of my favorites this year.  The sound is very classy and Natasha’s voice is just awesome.  I don’t know how to describe it but this album is genius!  My favorite tracks off this album are A Little Too Much, All I Need that features another amazing talent by the name Kevin Rudolf, Strip Me, Neon Lights, Weightless, Can’t Fall Down, Try (a beautiful ballad!), Touch, and Mozart.


The deluxe version of the album also contains several videos but I’ve decided to just exclude them in this post.  My objective is just to let you guys get a feel of the new songs.  Instead of the videos, I’ve added three demo songs: Speechless, D.I.Y. and Unwritten featuring Carney.  I hope that’s fair enough.  Hehe.


Since some of you guys suggested I put videos on my entries, I’ve decided to add a music video in my every post before the download link.  And with that, here’s Natasha’s video for Strip Me.  Download link comes after.  Enjoy! 🙂



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