Girlicious | Rebuilt Deluxe (2010) *plus*

Artist:     Girlicious
Album:   Rebuilt (Deluxe) *plus*
Label:      Universal Music Canada
Genre:     R&B
Track List

01  Face The Light
02  Maniac
03  Grinding
04  2 In The Morning (Radio Edit)
05  Unlearn Me
06  Wake Up
07  Sorry Mama (Intro)
08  What My Mama Don’t Know
09  Over You
10  Hate Love
11  Drank (.5 Mix)
12  These Arms
13  Game Over
14  Maniac (Cajjmere Wray Mix)
15  Television
16  Sexy Bitch (Akon Cover)




After the departure of a member and the successful debut album, Girlicious was Rebuilt!


Girlicious is an American girl group that was formed out of a reality show called Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious. Yes, the show was produced by Robin Antin who is also the man behind the infamous girl group, Pussycat Dolls.  Trying to form a group that could be the “next PCD” (or bigger!), the show was able to put together Nicole Cordova, Natalie Mejia, Christina Sayers, and Tiffanie Anderson as Girlicious members.  The group’s first album, which was released in 2008 reached No. 2 in the Canadian Albums Chart.  The album had three successful singles namely, Like Me, Stupid Shit, and Babydoll.


In 2009, Tifannie left the group for several rumored reasons including the switch to a new record label that wanted a new image for the group, different ethics, and some other issues.  True enough, the group was eventually moved from Geffen to another record label, which was Universal Music Canada upon Tifannie’s departure.  And this year,  the group’s sophomore studio album was released, Rebuilt.


Rebuilt showcases the girls solidity despite the loss of a member.  The album draws from the Pop-Dance genre while infusing a bit of R&B.  The album’s firs single was Over You, which was released in January and was followed by Maniac in April.  A promotional single, Drank, even became part of  Jersey Shore’s soundtrack.  Finally, the third single called 2 in the Morning was released in August.


While I am a big fan of their debut album, I must say that this one failed to totally amuse me.  There were only a few striking songs for me.  This include Face the Light, Maniac, Unlearn Me, and What My Mama Don’t Know. It’s a good album but after a few plays, you’ll get lazy repeating and finishing it up entirely.  In my case, I automatically switch to another album after What My Mama Don’t Know.  Haha!  Sorry.  😛


Okay.  So since this is a *plus* entry, I’ve added two demo songs (I think) called Television and the Akon Cover, Sexy Bitch, which I honestly think should have made it to the album.  It’s way catchy than a few songs in the original track list.  Well anyway, please do enjoy and support the artists. 🙂


Rating:     4 of 5 notes


P.S. : Before you hit the album download link, here’s Girlicious’ video for Maniac. 😉



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