David Archuleta | Not A Very Good Liar (TOSOD Leftover)

Artist:     David Archuleta
Track:     Not A Very Good Liar
Album:   The Other Side Of Down
Genre:     Pop


Here’s a leftover from David Archuleta’s The Other Side of Down album called Not A Very Good Liar.  This was one of the promo songs for the album, which he sang live in certain appearances.  I really thought this would be part of the album because this is such a cute song and I think that this fits David’s character as well.  Haha!

Well anyway, I didn’t know this has actually a studio version until a friend alerted me about this and shared me a copy.  As expected, I was able to familiarize the song in about a week.  Haha!  I hope David won’t be mad if I share this to the world because this is something that the world should hear.  It’s really beautiful.  I just wish this would be officially released just like what happened to Zero Gravity, which was released due to the public’s clamor.

No doubt, David can sing anything!  I remember Simon Cowell commenting on him during his Idol days…”give him a telephone directory and he can sing it well” (or something like that. LOL).  Again, I meant no harm in sharing this file.  I just want his fans to have a copy of this and other people to appreciate his music as well.  And without further ado, here it is!  Enjoy! 🙂

P.S. :  I made the cover art in about 3 minutes.  Haha! 😀

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