Charice | Grown-Up Christmas List EP (2010) *plus*

Artist:     Charice
Album:   Grown-Up Christmas List (EP) *plus*
Label:      143/Reprise
Genre:     Christmas


Track List

01  My Grown Up Christmas List
02  Jingle Bell Rock
03  Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)
04  The Christmas Song (Bonus)







Off topic:  First of all guys, allow me to thank all of you again for all the kind words you’ve been saying about me thru your comments.  I am really flattered and it really feels awesome reading comments from people around the globe.  So anyway, forgive me also for not posting too often the past weeks.  I just got preoccupied by the holidays…you know, the season where all you’d do is go to different gatherings and buy stuff.  Haha!  This album may seem a little late already but I still thought of sharing it with you guys.


Here’s Charice’s Christmas EP called Grown-Up Christmas List.  This was released on November 30 and features covers of three famous Christmas songs namely Grown-Up Christmas List, Jingle Bell Rock and Happy Xmas (War Is Over).


I must say that Charice’s voice has changed a lot.  When she was only a kid who used to join singing competitions here in the Philippines, what you will hear from her is the voice of the artist she’s impersonating such as Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.  Now, she has her own sound as well as style when it comes to singing.  I am so impressed at how she manages to sing live and sound like it’s just her CD playing.  I am also so proud that she’s bearing the Filipino identity with her every time she performs.


Although this album only contains three songs, you’ll definitely hear that all the songs in the album were carefully rearranged in such a way that when people hear them, they will actually say that it’s Charice’s version.  My favorite song off this EP is Grown-Up Christmas List.  However, I still believe that Kelly Clarkson’s version is the best!  Haha!


P.S.  I’ve added another song, which was not part of the EP but was made available separately on iTunes.  It’s her version of The Christmas Song.  😉


Happy Holidays!


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


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