Fefe Dobson | Joy (2010) *plus*

Artist:     Fefe Dobson
Album:    Joy
Label:      Universal Music Canada
Genre:     Pop

Track List

01  Intro
02  Ghost
03  Thanks For Nothing
04  Stuttering
05  Can’t Breathe
06  You Bitch
07  Didn’t See You Coming
08  Watch Me Move
09  I Want You
10  I’m A Lady
11  In Your Touch
12  Set Me Free
13  Joy
14  Stuttering (Remix)(feat. Pusha T)




Joy is Fefe Dobson’s third studio album released last November of this year.  Felicia Lily or just Fefe is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and model.  She had two previous record projects prior to Joy.  The first album gained quite a  success earning two Juno Award nominations while her sophomore album was shelved due to failure of its singles to reach the charts.


Joy took almost four years to complete.  In this album, Fefe transcended from being an indie singer to a more mainstream artist.  The first song I heard from this album was Stuttering and I instantly fell in love with it.  It sounds really different from her songs in the past, particularly the songs on Sunday Love, which I also had the chance to hear for quite some time.  They didn’t make any impression on me.  That was why when I first heard Stuttering, I was impressed.


I think the album’s very organized.  Starting off with the brilliant Intro featuring portions of each songs in the album.  This is followed by its first single, Ghost, which was a collaboration of some of the best record producers including Kevin Rudolf and Kara DioGuardi.  Thanks For Nothing, the album’s third song is also another hooker.  Listening to it is like listening to one of Hilary Duff’s or Avril Lavigne’s vengeful songs.  Haha!


Stuttering is definitely the best song of the album. However, the chorus of  the single version is much better than the final.  There was, like,  a shift of tone from the original, which I think was a bit off.  Can’t Breathe is just soothing and a bit haunting also.  Similar to Thanks For Nothing, You Bitch also sounds more like an Avril song.  Other nice tracks include the tracks Watch Me Move and I Want You, which both sound like they’re coming from The Ting Tings.


My favorite tracks are Stuttering, Ghost, Watch Me Move, Can’t Breathe, Thanks For Nothing, and I Want You. Overall, the entire album’s worth a listen and promises to entertain you.


P.S. Since this is a “*plus*” post, this includes a remix of Stuttering featuring Pusha T., which isn’t part of the original track list.  Only here at A Close Listen. 😉




Rating:     4 of 5 notes


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