Westlife | Gravity (2010)

Artist:   Westlife
Album: Gravity
Genre:   Pop
Label:    Sony Music


01  Beautiful Tonight
02  Safe
03  Chances
04  I Will Reach You
05  Closer
06  The Reason
07  Tell Me It’s Love
08  I Get Weak
09  Before It’s Too Late
10  No One’s Gonna Sleep Tonight
11  Difference In me
12  Too Hard To Say Goodbye




Westlife so reminds me of my high school days when boy and girl groups were so prevalent.  It’s like they would pop out of nowhere but after an album or two, they’d just disappear.  Eventually, you’d  find out that they already got disbanded.  LOL  Westlife was one of the few boy bands that survived and fortunately, up to the present, still continues to make good music.


The group’s original members included Nicky, Kian, Mark, Shane, and Brian.  Brian left the group in 2004 to pursue a solo career.  I think he had two or three solo albums.  Anyway,  “Gravity” is the group’s eleventh album released on November 22 featuring songs produced by John Shanks.  The album’s executive producer is Simon Cowell.


Although I love listening to Westlife, I must say that I didn’t like this album much.  First few songs were okay, the rest were average to boring.  Most of the songs were too slow that they put me to sleep easily.  Haha!  It’s not a good effect specially if you really want to finish listening but would end up asleep.  Honestly,  I’ve tried listening to the full album a couple of times but I always fail.  It’s either I fell asleep or I skip slow songs.  I just couldn’t finish it.


My favorite tracks are “Beautiful Tonight”, “Closer”, and the Hoobastank cover “The Reason”.  I still believe that “Back Home” is their best album ever!  My favorite. 😀


Anyway, enjoy!


Rating:     3 of 5 notes


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