Travis Garland | Believe (Fanmade)

Artist:   Travis Garland
Album:  Believe (Fanmade)

01  Believe
02  Don’t Leave Me Rose
03  Sexy Together (Justin Bieber Demo)
04  All About You (feat. Flash)
05  All About You (with Acapella)
06  When You Learn How To Love
07  Love Or Die
08  Beautiful Nightmare (Beyonce Cover)
09  Broken
10  Can’t Wait To Meet Ya
11  Get Your Mind Right
12  Dead And Gone
13  Don’t Wanna Go (Without You)
14  Don’t Wanna Go (Without You) Version 2
15  Headed For A Heartbreak
16  Glow Stick
17  Heart Speaks First
18  I Want It All
19  Saving My Life
20  Spectrum
21  Stranger
22  When You Learn How To Love
23  Wonderful World
24  When Does It Go Away (feat. Jojo)
25  Your Way Or The Highway
26  Never Even Said Goodbye




Okay.  So this is what happens when I get obsessed over an artist — I make fan made albums!  Haha!  Anyway, I became a Travis Garland fan ever since I heard “Believe”, which is his official single off the upcoming album.  Travis makes such nice falsettos for a guy and that’s what I adore about him.  So being the fan that I am, I thought of compiling all his HQ materials out there in the web and I was amazed that he has a lot.


I won’t be disclosing more information about him yet in this entry.  I will just wait for his debut album.  For now, please do listen to this sort of an album sampler.  Haha!  You’ll love this!  This also includes the song he recently uploaded on his YouTube page called “All About You”.  Let me guys know what you think!


P.S.  I made the cover art but you can use it also for your iPods.  Haha! 😛




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