Guy Sebastian | Twenty Ten (2010)

Artist:   Guy Sebastian
Album: Twenty Ten
Label:    Sony
Genre:   Pop


Track List


01  Out With My Baby/Who’s That Girl (New Song)
02  If I Really Loved You (New Song)
03  Like it Like That
04  All to Myself 03:43
05  All I Need is You 04:05
06  Angels Brought Me Here 04:00
07  Out With My Baby 03:40
08  Oh Oh (Single Version) 03:07
09  Taller Stronger Better 03:25
10  Cover On My Heart 04:00
11  Closer To The Sun 03:54
12  Elevator Love 03:42
13  Art Of Love (feat. Jordin Sparks) 04:01
14  Attention 03:28
15  Hold On Im Coming 03:17
16  Climb Every Mountain 02:57
17  Kryptonite 04:01
18  Never Hold You Down 03:21
19  My Beautiful Friend 05:07
20  Take Me To The River 05:30

CD2 (Acoustic/Piano Versions)

01  Out With My Baby
02  Like It Like That
03  All To Myself
04  Closer To The Sun
05  Kryptonite
06  Art Of Love
07  Angels Brought Me Here
08  Elevator Love
09  All I Need Is You
10  Oh Oh




Just about time!  A greatest hits album from the very first Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian.  He’s one of the few male artists I really look up to — a genuine talent, I must say.


In the course of his career, he had already released six Top 10 albums including this retrospective album, “Twenty Ten”, which was released on November 19.  Quoting Wikipedia, “he’s the only Australian male vocalist in the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Chart history to achieve four No. 1 singles.”  He is best remembered with his all-time hit, “Angels Brought Me Here”, which is also one of my favorites.


Going back to the album, “Twenty Ten” showcases Guy’s best with songs from the “Just As I Am” era all the way to “Like It Like That”.  The album also features two new songs and new versions of his hits.  My favorite tracks include “Out With My Baby/Who’s That Girl”, “Like It Like That”, “Angels Brought Me Here”, “Oh Oh”, “Cover On My Heart”, “Elevator Love”, and “Art Of Love” featuring another Idol winner, Jordin Sparks.  His new renditions of his hits are also awesome specially “Art Of Love”, which he did solo.  Amazing vocals!


Please support the artist.  Limited downloads only so go get it while it’s available!  Enjoy! 🙂


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


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