Natasha Bedingfield | Strip Me (Fanmade)

Artist:    Natasha Bedingfield
Album:  Strip Me (Fanmade)
Genre:   Pop

Track List:

01  Touch
02  Strip Me
03  D.I.Y.
04  Speechless
05  Unexpected Hero
06  Unwritten (feat. Carney)







Here’s something new from the talented British Pop singer and songwriter, Natasha Bedingfield — a fanmade collection of her recent materials including her smash-hit singles, “Touch” and “Strip Me”.  I’ve been a fan since the “Unwritten” era.  I remember that song being constantly played by my college adviser when I would consult him about my thesis.  Haha!  It even became more popular here in the Philippines when it was used as the theme song of a shampoo commercial.  The intro is totally catchy and once you heard it, you’ll know it’s “Unwritten”.


Anyway, after her second album, “Pocketful of Sunshine” (or “N.B.”), Natasha is now busy putting final touches on her third studio album called “Strip Me” set to be released December of this year produced by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder.     “Touch”, the lead single from the album, was made available as a digital download on May 18, 2010 while her second single, “Strip Me” got digitally available on September 21.  According to Tedder, Natasha promises to give her fans some “quirky, kinda weird stuff” in this new album.


And as a preview of the album, I am proud to present to you this compilation.  My favorite tracks so far are “Touch”, “Strip Me”, “D.I.Y.” and “Speechless”.


Please do support her when the album comes out.  Enjoy! 🙂


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