Debbie Gibson | Ms. Vocalist (2010)

Artist:    Debbie Gibson
Album:  Ms. Vocalist
Label:     Sony Japan
Genre:    Pop/JPop

Track List

01  Tsunami
02  Say Yes
03  I Love You
04  Roman Hikou
05  Love Story wa Totsuzen
06  True Love
07  Hitomi wo Tojite
08  Sakurazaka
09  However
10  Robinson
11  Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (English Version)
12  Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto with Eric Martin (MSV Version)
13  Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (Japanese Version)




The earliest memory I have of Debbie Gibson was when my father would play her “Out Of The Blue” CD out loud.  Haha! Darn! I can’t even remember what year exactly that was.  Haha!  It was my father who’s a fan of her and since I grew up listening to her music, I eventually became a fan.  Officially, she’s the first artist I’ve ever idolized.  My all-time favorite tracks of her are “Lost In Your Eyes”, “Between The Lines”, “Foolish Beat”, “Red Hot”, “Shake Your Love”, and “Out Of the Blue”.  In fact, I still have that CD and occasionally plays it. 😛


Anyway, just to cite a few facts about Debbie Gibson:  She was the youngest artist to ever have written, produced, and performed a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 with her song “Foolish Beat” and she still holds that title up to now.  Aside from recording, she’s also had theater (Les Miserables, The King And I, etc.) and TV (American Junior, Skating With Celebrities) stints.


“Ms. Vocalist”, her latest album, features Japanese songs translated into English.  This also features the 2010 version of “Lost In Your Eyes”.  Listening to the album really brings back childhood memories — really very nostalgic.  Haha!  However, I must say that her voice changed a lot.  It sounds a bit lower now than it was before.  My favorite tracks off this album are “Say Yes”, “I Love You” and of course, “Lost In Your Eyes”.


Enjoy! 🙂


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