Robyn | Body Talk (2010) *plus*

Artist:    Robyn
Album:  Body Talk
Label:    Interscope Records
Genre:   Electropop

Track List

01  Dancing On My Own
02  Fembot
03  Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
04  Indestructible
05  Time Machine
06  Love Kills
07  Hang With Me
08  Call Your Girlfriend
09  None Of Dem (Feat. Röyksopp)
10  We Dance to the Beat
11  U Should Know Better
12  Dancehall Queen
13  Get Myself Together
14  In My Eyes
15  Stars 4-Ever
16  Sleeping With A Broke Heart (Alicia Keys Cover)(Bonus)
17  When Doves Cry (Prince Cover)(Bonus)




Finally!  The “Body Talk” series is now complete.  “Body Talk” is the fifth studio album of Electropop Queen herself, Robyn.  The first part was released in June featuring the single “Dancing On My Own”.  The second was released in September with “Hang With Me” as its single and then the final part was released early November with the single “Indestructible”.  The full album containing all the songs from all three parts is set to be released on November 22.


I really admire Robyn for being so creative.  I lover her voice and Electropop just suits her perfectly. “Body Talk” is the product of her years of experiment and I must say that she succeeded in giving her fans what they wanted to hear.  The idea of releasing the album in chunks is good since listeners had the chance to get a better listen of all the songs.  “Dancing On My Own”, and “Fembot” were my favorites from the first part, “Hang With Me” from the second part and “Indestructible”, and “Call Your Girlfriend” from the third part.


While this album seemed perfect, I must say that it also had a few weak tracks such as “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To” and “None Of Dem”.  I don’t know, I just find these two songs hard to understand.  Aside from the voice,  what I liked best about this album was the use of a lot of instruments that created the “electronic” sound.  This album’s really THE dance album you should have.


I’ve included two bonus songs (not really part of “Body Talk”).  One is an Alicia Keys cover and the other one is a Prince cover.  Again, link expires after a few downloads so grab your chance now.  Haha! Enjoy!


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


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