Shayne Ward | Obsession (2010) *plus*

Artist:    Shayne Ward
Album:  Obsession
Label:     Sony/Syco
Genre:    Pop

Track List

01  Gotta Be Somebody
02  Obsession
03  Must Be a Reason Why… (feat. J. Pearl)
04  Close to Close
05  Waiting In the Wings
06  Foolish
07  Someone Like You
08  Human
09  Crash
10  Nobody Knows
1 1  Future Love (Bonus)




One of my favorite balladeers — and X-Factor Season 2 Champ — Shayne Thomas Ward releases his third album called “Obsession” with help from two of the best record producers we have today, RedOne and Taio Cruz.  The album features the hit single “Gotta Be Somebody”, which debuted on November 12 at the Irish Singles Chart at No. 10 and No. 12 at the UK Singles Chart on November 14.


“Breathless” was the song that made Shayne one of my favorite male singers.  He does falsettos so flawlessly.  Aside from the voice, his look also matches the songs he sings.  Haha!  I first listened to his sophomore album before knowing about his debut.  Anyway so going back to “Obsession”,  I must say that he has better songs here than in his two previous albums.  Nothing much has changed in terms of his style in singing, however, the falsettos were minimized.  The album is a mixed of upbeat and slow songs that were all, in my honest opinion, written perfectly.


My favorite tracks are “Gotta Be Somebody”, “Obsession”, the Max Martin track, “Close To Close”, “Must Be A Reason Why…(feat. J. Pearl)” and the powerful ballad, “Crash”.  The album’s worth the listen.  No doubt, he still got that “X” factor in him.  It’s just sad that he had to wait for a couple of years before releasing another album just because Simon Cowell got too focused on Leona Lewis’ career.  I have nothing against Leona, though.  Haha!  Time to shine again, Shayne!  Haha!


I’ve included “Future Love”, a song included in his “Gotta Be Somebody” CD single.  It’s the Varsity Fanclub original, which Kristinia Debarge also covered.




Rating:     5 of 5 notes


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