David Archuleta | Save The Day (Fanmade)

Artist:    David Archuleta
Album:  Save The Day (Fanmade)
Genre:    Pop

Track List

01  Let Me Go (David Archuleta iTunes Edition Bonus Track)
02  Waiting For Yesterday (David Archuleta iTunes Edition Bonus Track)
03  Falling (David Archuleta iTunes Edition Bonus Track)
04  Somebody Out There (David Archuleta iTunes Edition Bonus Track)
05  Works For Me (David Archuleta Wal-Mart Edition Bonus Track)
06  A Thousand Miles (iTunes Fan Pack)
07  Zero Gravity (iTunes Fan Pack)
08  Save The Day (David Archuleta Japanese and UK Edition Bonus Track)
09  Let’s Talk About Love (Build-A-Bear Anthem)
10  She’s Not You (Demo)
11  The Day After Tomorrow (The Other Side Of Down iTunes Edition Bonus Track)
12  Nothing Else Better To Do (The Other Side Of Down Japanese Edition Bonus Track)




As I was browsing my music vault just a couple of minutes ago, this idea of collecting all David Archuleta non-album tracks (be it bonus tracks, promo singles or demos) came to mind, well, maybe because I’m still not over his concert last week here in the Philippines where I actually got to meet him in person, shook his hands, and got my copy of his “The Other Side Of Down” album signed.  Haha! I know I am such a huge fan!  😛


So anyway, I just thought that his label could actually come up with another album with all these materials, right?  I mean, these are all good songs and it’s just sad that these were only released as bonuses (“She’s Not You” wasn’t even released!).  Sigh!  Oh well, being the fan that I am, I would have bought this album if this was real.  Lol  I chose “Save The Day” as the album title because that’s my favorite David bonus track.  It has this calming effect on me.  Hehe.  Other favorites include “Zero Gravity”, “Somebody Out There”, and “Nothing Else Better To Do” but all the songs in this collection are awesome.  You have to hear them.  Believe me.  So hope you guys enjoy!


PS: I am not, in any way, sabotaging David by leaking all these stuff.  I just want more people, specially those who weren’t able to buy these songs, to hear them.  Just good intentions here.  The link expires after some time so I think it wouldn’t cause that much harm.  Peace! 🙂


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