Nadine | Insatiable (2010)

Artist:   Nadine
Able:     Insatiable
Label:    Black Pen Records
Genre:   Pop

Track List

01  Runnin’
02  Put Your Hands Up
03  Chained
04  Insatiable
05  Red Light
06  My Sexy Love Affair
07  Lullaby
08  You Are The One
09  Natural
10  Raw
11  Rumors
12  Unbroken
13  I’ll Make A Man Out Of You Yet




Following the tracks of Chery Cole is another former Girls Aloud alum, Nadine Coyle or simply, Nadine.  I don’t know if it’s just me but she and Cheryl almost sound the same.  That’s a positive comment, by the way, because Cheryl really sounds good.  😛


Anyway, talking ’bout the album, I think there’s nothing wrong with the voice.  It’s actually beautiful.  I just don’t think her composers spent enough time doing most of the songs because, honestly, half of the album is boring.  A beautiful song is usually retained in your brain after one or two listens.  But this album was in constant repeat on my player for weeks but only two songs managed to get into my brain namely, “Runnin’ ” and “Lullaby”.  Most of the songs have poor choruses and melodies.


I swear,  her composer could’ve done more catchy songs! LOL 😛


Rating:     2 of 5 notes (5 notes for “Lullaby” haha!)


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