McFly | Above The Noise (2010)

Artist:    McFly
Album:  Above The Noise
Label:     Island
Genre:    Pop

Track List

01  End Of The world
02  Party Girl
03  If U C Kate
04  Shine A Light
05  I’ll Be Our Man
06  Nowhere Left To Run
07  I Need A Woman
08  That’s The Truth
09  Take Me There
10  This Song
11  Foolish




Another surprisingly good album!  “Above The Noise” is McFly’s fifth studio album.  I’ve heard about them before but never really got the chance (or should I say, I opted not to) to listen to their materials thinking they’re only a bunch of noisemakers, I mean, like a typical rock band.  Haha!   And I was wrong.


The album contains 11 nice tracks varying from fast to slow ones.  This album really reminds me of “Maroon 5” — the falsettos, the guitars and all that.  My favorite tracks off this album are “Party Girl”, “Shine A Light”, “I’ll Be Your Man”, and “Take Me There”.  Overall, the album won’t bore you.  A perfect travel companion too. 😉


Rating:     4 of 5 notes


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