Kat De Luna | Inside Out (2010)

Artist:       Kat DeLuna
Album:     Inside Out
Label:        Universal Motown
Genre:       R&B/Dance

Track List

01  Push Push (feat. Akon)
02  Party O’Clock
03  Dancing Tonight
04  Be There
05  Oh Yeah (La La La)
06  One Foot Out Of The Door
07  All In My Head
08  Rock The House
09  Calling You
10  Be There (Ballad Version)
11  Unstoppable




Looking for a nice dance album? Check out Kat DeLuna’s latest album, “Inside Out”.  You’ll never go wrong with Kat, RedOne, and Akon who all collaborated to create this cool album.  I consider Kat as one of my “accidental discoveries”.  I didn’t know her then.  I was just trying out new talents to listen to and found her “9 Lives” album.  Since then, I became a fan.  She makes some of the most beautiful dance tracks such as “Whine Up” and “Run The Show”.  She’s now up with her second album containing more beautiful tracks.


“Push Push” is a perfect first track.  It’s very catchy and the beats are awesome.  My favorite tracks from this album aside of course from “Push Push” are “Be There”, “Party O’ Clock”, “Oh Yeah (La La La)” and “Unstoppable”.  Cool album! 😉


Rating:     4 of 5 notes


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