A1 | Waiting For Daylight (2010)

Artist:    A1
Album: Waiting For Daylight
Label:    Universal
Genre:   Pop

Track List

01. It Happens Every Day
02. Don’t Wanna Lose You Again
03. In Love And I Hate It
04. Bad Enough
05. Nothing In Common
06. Take You Home
07. Six Feet Under
08. Good Things Bad People
09. Perfect Disaster
10. The Life That Could Have Been
11. Out There
12. Waiting For Daylight




A surprise comeback album from A1!  “Waiting For Daylight” is A1’s fourth studio album, which was released on October 11, 2010. This is also their first new material in over eight years.  A1 is one of the few boy bands I like but I am not totally a fan.  I find the members’ voices, specially Ben’s, unique.  They blend as a group unlike other boy groups.  They’ve had good ballads, too, in the past, which I really really like such as “Walking In The Rain”, “Like A Rose”, and my all-time favorite “Everytime”.


Listening to this album is like listening to Joe McElderry’s — the sound, the style, the mood — gives you that Electropop feel.  I must say that the materials in this album are really different from what they used to do.  The complexity  of every song’s melody will dwell you to listen more if you really want to learn the song.  Not bad. Not that good either.  My favorite cuts are “It Happens Everyday”, “Bad Enough”, and “Six Feet Under”.  I love the lyrics of “Good Things Bad People”.  It poses the very good question “Why do good things happen to bad people; why do bad things happen to good people?”, which makes a lot of sense. 😛


Rating:     3 of 5 notes


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