Taylor Swift | Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) 2010 *plus*

Artist:    Taylor Swift
Album:  Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) *plus*
Genre:    Country/Pop
Label:     Big Machine Records

Track Lists

Disc 1:
01.  Mine
02.  Sparks Fly
03.  Back To December
04.  Speak Now
05.  Dear John
06.  Mean
07.  The Story Of Us
08.  Never Grow Up
09.  Enchanted
10.  Better Than Revenge
11.  Innocent
12.  Haunted
13.  Last Kiss
14.  Long Live

Disc 2:
01.  Ours
02.  If This Was A Movie
03.  Superman
04.  Back To December (Acoustic)
05.  Haunted (Acoustic)
06.  Mine (US Version)
07.  Back To December (US Version)
08.  The Story Of Us (US Version)

Disc 3:
01.  Permanent Marker
02.  The Story Of Us (UK Version)
03.  Back To December (Orchestral Version)
04.  Today Was A Fairytale (Bonus)
05.  Jump Then Fall (Bonus)
06.  Two Is Better Than One (feat. Boys Like Girls) (Bonus)


This has got to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) releases this year!  Global superstar Taylor Swift’s third studio album called “Speak Now”.  I’ve been a fan ever since “Teardrops On My Guitar” days.  She’s my second favorite Country singer, well of course, next to Carrie Underwood.  Haha!  And I am so excited about this album.

Honestly, I think after her debut album, she got so commercialized and got so focused being a mainstream artist.  This could be the reason why “Fearless” sounded differently from the first album.  I think the album tried to be more on the Pop genre rather than Country, which is her forte resulting to songs, which are either Pop nor Country.  I hope I’m making sense.  Haha!  Just to cut the story short,  I didn’t like “Fearless” that much.  Now, this one’s different.  I must say that although most of the songs still sound Pop-ish, the Country “spice” is quite superior.  I love the sound of string instruments used in most of the songs.  I love the lyrics.  It’s like I’m listening to a girl narrating stories.

The first single of this album was “Mine”, which already took the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs Chart just four days after its release.  This was followed by other singles like “Speak Now” and “Back To December”, which are also equally catchy and beautiful.  My favorite tracks off this album are “Speak Now”, “Mean”, “Back To December”, “Haunted” (sounds so Avril Lavigne), and “The Story Of Us”.  But I must say that I’m just starting to fall in love with some other tracks since I’m constantly listening to the album every night.  I’ll bet that this album will definitely go big in terms of sales.

Since this entry has the *plus* tag, I’ve added a bonus disc containing some other materials.  “Permanent Marker” was an earlier release and the rest came from other albums.  Please do support her!  But first, enjoy listening! 🙂

Ratings:     5 of 5 notes

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