Joe McElderry | Wide Awake (2010) *plus*

Artist:    Joe McElderry
Album:  Wide Awake *plus*
Genre:    Pop/Dance
Label:     Syco Music


Track List

01.  Ambitions  
02.  Someone Wake Me Up  
03.  Superman  
04.  Real Late Starter  
05.  Until the Stars Run Out  
06.  Feel the Fire  
07.  Fahrenheit  
08.  Wide Awake  
09.  Smile  
10.  Love Is War 
11.  The Climb 
12.  If You Love Me (B-Side)




Forget about gender issues!  Although Joe is a self-confessed homosexual, it didn’t take away the fact that he is a very talented artist. I really admire people like him who are true to themselves and can bear the consequences of their every decision.


Joe is another revelation to me this year.  I should be watching X-Factor and not just American Idol because there are also good talents in that show.  Haha!  Anyway, Joe McElderry is the sixth winner of X-Factor who won just last year.  Since I don’t watch the show, I just came to know him when “Ambitions” was released this year.  His voice immediately caught my attention and then I started digging out more information about him.


So “Wide Awake” is his debut album and his first official single here is “The Climb”, yes, a Miley Cyrus cover and his winning piece in the X-Factor show.  That makes “Ambitions” his second single already.  The album features nice dance tracks with danceable melodies to match his sweet voice.  My favorite tracks are “Ambitions”, “Someone Wake Me Up”, “Real Late Starter”, “Feel The Fire”, “Wide Awake”, and “Fahrenheit”, which sounds like one of Robyn’s electropop tracks.  His version of Five For Fighting’s “Superman” is also outstanding.  This is a very good debut for him.  I highly recommend it.  🙂


This entry contains the *plus* tag, which means I’ve included a bonus track that is not part of the official track list.  In this case, I’ve added “If You Love Me”, a B-Side of “Ambitions” promo cd and is also equally good than the rest of the songs in the album.  Enjoy!


Rating:     5 of 5 notes



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