Carmen Reece | Love In Stereo (2010)

Artist:     Carmen Reece
Album:   Love In Stereo
Label:      Real MF Ltd.
Genre:     Pop/Dance

Track List

01.  Be the One
02.  Right Here
03.  Bullet Through My Heart
04.  Love in Stereo
05.  Runnin’
06.  Don’t Ever Leave Me
07.  Raindrop
08.  Long Goodbye
09.  Raindrop (Mark Feist/Jon Gass Extended)
10.  Right Here (Dave Aude Radio)
11.  Bullet Through My Heart (No Intro)




Random:  To those who are looking for the “Hannah Montana” soundtrack, sorry guys but I had to delete the post or else I won’t be able to post new entries.  Got reported for copyright issues.  Haha!  Anyway.


“Love In Stereo” is the debut album release by English born singer-songwriter and musician Carmen Reece.  The album was released last September 19.  She’s one of my major discoveries this year.  I mean, she’s new to me and I just knew her when I heard “Raindrop”, her second single.  Yeah, I first listened to her second single before I even got to listen to her first, which was “Right Here”.  Carmen has a nice voice.  At some points in the album, I thought I was listening to Brandy or Esmee Denters.  Weird, eh?  Haha!


The album is a combination of dance and slow songs.  The dance songs really were awesome; the slow songs, uhm, quite draggy to me.  But they’re not that bad.  I love the remixes specially the one that Dave Aude did for “Right Here”.  My favorite songs from this album are “Right Here”, “Raindrop”, “Runnin'” and “Be the One”, which I think has the most unique tune among all the songs in the album.  Really fit to be the first track because it’s definitely a hooker.  Overall, it’s worth your time. 🙂


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


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