Pixie Lott | Turn It Up Louder (2010)

Artist:    Pixie Lott
Album:  Turn It Up Louder
Label:     Mercury Records Ltd (London)
Genre:    Pop

Track Lists

Disc 1
01.  Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)
02.  Cry Me Out
03.  Band Aid (*not included)
04.  Turn it Up
05.  Boys And Girls
06.  Gravity
07.  My Love
08.  Jack
09.  Nothing Compares
10.  Here We Go Again
11.  The Way The World Works
12.  Hold Me In Your Arms


Disc 2
13.  Use Somebody
14.  When Love Takes Over (Kelly Rowland cover)
15.  Without You
16.  Rolling Stone
17.  Want You
18.  Broken Arrow
19.  Coming Home (feat. Jason Derulo)
20.  Doing Fine (Without You)
21.  Can’t Make This Over
22.  Catching Snowflakes




I was so excited when I knew about this last night.  Pixie Lott is one of the most talented artists we have today.  She has a very unique voice and style and she’s also good at doing covers.  It was last year when she released her debut album and it was a hit.  Her first single was “Mama Do” followed by “Boys and Girls” and a few more releases.  Her chemistry with RedOne is also undeniable.  Their songs “Here We Go Again” and “Rolling Stone” were terrific.


This year, a follow up of her debut album was released called “Turn It Up Louder”.  Well, it’s more of a collection of bonus tracks since some of the songs in this album have been already released as singles.  My favorite tracks from this album are “Broken Arrow”, “Use Somebody”, “When Love Takes Over”, which is a cover of the David Guetta-Kelly Rowland hit song, “Coming Home” her duet with Jason Derulo and “Catching Snowflakes”.  However, I am still in the process of internalizing all the songs in this album and I think I’ll have other favorites soon.


I included her first album in this post so those who still haven’t listened to it could do so and appreciate her but my copy didn’t have “Band Aid” so forgive me (I just found that out).  Haha! Please support her.  Buy the album if you can or download officially.  Otherwise, click my link below. 😛  Enjoy!


Rating:     5 of 5 notes


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