Kelly Rowland | One Woman Show (Fan Made)

Artist:      Kelly Rowland
Album:    One Woman Show (Fan Made)
Genre:      Dance/Pop

Track List

01.  Commander (feat. David Guetta)
02.  Shake Them Haters Off
03.  Grown Woman
04.  Rose Colored Glasses
05.  Forever And A Day
06.  Each Other (feat. Rico Love)
07.  Forever Is Just A Minute A Way
08.  Smooches
09.  On & On
10.  Invincible (feat. Tinie Tempah)
11.  Commander (Extended Mix)
12.  Commander (Instrumental)
13.  Forever And A Day (Kurtis Matroni)
14.  Forever And A Day (Antoine Clamaran Extended Mix)
15.  Forever And A Day (Antoine Clamaran Radio Edit)
16.  Forever And A Day (Antoine Clamaran Video Edit)



Kelly Rowland is definitely my favorite “Destiny’s Child” member.  When she went solo, I eventually followed her career — from “Simply Deep” to “Ms. Kelly”.  Now that she’s coming back with a new album, I am really excited to hear more stuff from her after the release of “Commander” featuring David Guetta.  She’s now more into the dance genre, which is nice.  She fits well in this genre.


After “Commander”, “Grown Woman” was released and then followed by “Rose Colored Glasses”.  Now she’s on to her next single, “Forever And A Day”, which is also gaining a lot of good reviews.  According to some sources, her new album will come out on November 28 in the UK but the US release is still a question.  I just hope the album comes out soon!


This compilation is a combination of both official and unofficial tracks.  The remixes came from her “Forever And A Day” EP off Itunes.  I just converted them to mp3.  My favorite tracks from this compilation are “Commander”, “Grown Woman”, “Rose Colored Glasses”, “Shake Them Haters Off”, “Forever And A Day”, “Invincible” featuring Tinie Tempah, and “Forever Is Just A Minute Away”.


Oh! About the cover, I just did that. Haha! I am hoping for a better cover art for the album. LOL


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