Girlicious |Rebuilt EP (Fanmade)

Artist:   Girlicious
Album: Rebuilt EP (Fan Made)
Genre:   Pop

Track List

01. Sexy Bitch (Akon Cover)
02. Maniac
03. Drank (feat Spose)
04. Over You
05. 2 In The Morning
06. Television



I just noticed that I already have a lot of Girlicious songs on my computer so I just thought of compiling them and do a sort of a promo for the upcoming second album “Rebuilt”.  I really believe in these girls ever since the group was formed out of a reality show.  I love their debut album and back then, they were still four in the group.  Now, they’re coming back with their upcoming sophomore album.


Some of the songs from this compilation aren’t really part of the album but they just leaked so I added them.  I think the first official single was “Maniac” followed by “2 In The Morning”.  “Drank” is part of  the “Jersey Shore” soundtrack.  “Maniac” is my favorite so far from all their 2010 songs that leaked.  Honestly, I am not liking (much) their songs today.  Well, I just hope there are other good songs in the album.  I’ll still support them, though. 🙂


Go support them when the album comes out.  I encourage you to support all the artists I feature here. Enjoy!


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