Jade Ewen | Punching Out (Fan Made)

Artist:    Jade Ewen
Album:  Punching Out (Fan Made)
Genre:    Pop

Track List

01.  My Man
02.  Punching Out
03.  I Had Him First
04.  Ruthless
05.  Got You
06.  Burn It Up
07.  It’s My Time
08.  Got My Shit Together
09.  Wake Up
10.  Stolen Love
11.   I Had Him First (Acoustic)
12.  My Man (Cahill Radio Mix)
13.  Punching Out (Stonebridge Full Vocal Dub)
14.  It’s My Time (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
15.  Teardrops


This one’s another shelved album, which could have been a hit.  Well, I am not too sure about the track listing since I just compiled all the songs available on my computer. Haha!  And I added “Teardrops” to the list just yesterday.  Anyway, Jade Ewen is also a product of a reality show and is now the newest member of the trio, “Sugababes”.  I really don’t know why she chose to join a group when she could have done it her own way — solo!  She has that nice soulful voice and she has the looks.  Her debut single “My Man” was a hit and then I just found out that the solo project isn’t pursuing.  Sigh!  Anyway,  my favorite tracks of her are “My Man”, “Punching Out”, and “I Had Him First”.

Enjoy! 🙂

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