David Archuleta | The Other Side Of Down (Itunes + Digital Booklet + Full Review)

Artist:      David Archuleta
Album:    The Other Side Of Down (Webrip)
Label:       Jive
Release:  October 5, 2010

Track List

01. Other Side Of Down
02. Something ‘Bout Love
03. Elevator
04. Stomping The Roses
05. Who I Am
06. Falling Stars
07. Parachutes And Airplanes
08. Look Around
09. Good Place
10. Complain
11. Things Are Gonna Get Better
12. My Kind Of Perfect

13. She’s Not You (Bonus)


My long wait is finally over! The album is here and I can honestly say that it was worth the wait.  I must say that David’s music has changed a lot from his first album, which focused more on belting.  “The Other Side of Down” is more of a feel-good album – no pressures, just pure singing from the heart.

01 Other Side of Down

This song is one of my favorites.  It’s very light and bubbly.  The beats are lovely.  It’s like the song you could sing to accompany most of the simple things that you do daily like walking your way to work or combing your hair.  Plain and simple.

02 Something ‘Bout Love

This song is brilliant.  Gives you that electro atmosphere yet you still feel the heart of the song.  It’s the first single off the album and the first one that I was able to familiarize.  It has both the drama and the beats making it the perfect first single material.

03 Elevator

The guitars in the intro of this song will definitely put you to a relaxing mood.  This one’s another feel-good song that showcases David’s falsettos.  Lovely.

04 Stomping The Roses

Another favorite!  This song will definitely make you dance.  This reminds me of Westlife that also does light songs like this.  And I love how David said “buziness” here. LOL

05 Who I Am

This song reminds me of “She & Him”.  This is my current anthem for myself.  Haha!  It’s a very light song but the lyrics are really strong and striking.  Tells you to be carefree and just be you.

06 Falling Stars

The opening of this song is really dramatic – makes me teary-eyed when I first heard it.  Haha! No seriously, I love the drama of this song.  It’s like my new “To Be With You”.  It’s like a farewell song.  Sad.  The last falsetto David did on this was amazing.

07 Parachutes And Airplanes

The first time I heard this, I thought it’s Beyonce’s “Halo”.  I love the piano and the verses.  Like most of the songs, David’s falsettos are highlighted here.  I also thought this was produced by Ryan Tedder, but I was wrong. LOL

08 Look Around

I didn’t like much the intro but when I heard the chorus, it wouldn’t stop playing on my mind.  I love the beats and David’s voice is perfect!

09 Good Place

This is my new “A Little Too Not Over You” although it has less belting.  This is my favorite song from this album.  It’s very dramatic and the drumbeats in the chorus are epic and the bridge is lovely. Love them!  This is the only song where David’s voice is maximized.  I was really hoping for more songs like this in this album.

10 Complain

I thought I was listening to Carrie Underwood’s “Play On” when I was listening to this.  They so sound the same.  I love this!

11 Things Are Gonna Get Better

This is the song I like least.  But not bad.  Not at all.  Actually, this could be a theme song for a campaign or some charity effort.  It has nice lyrics.

12 My Kind of Perfect

This is another plain and simple song to end the album.  Accompanied by piano only, David’s voice is stunning in here.  Nice way to wrap the album.

Rating:     5 of 5 notes

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