Tami Chynn | Primadonna *plus* (2009)

Artist:   Tami Chynn
Album: Primadonna
Label:    Konvict Muzic
Genre:   Pop

Track List

01. Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers)
02. Frozen
03. We Don’t Mess
04. To Da Floor
05. Killa Love Song
06. You Are (Check This Out)
07. This Must Be Love
08. Stay Close
09. Watch Me Wine
10. Eyes On Me
11. Why Should I
12. Who Am I Fooling
13. To Be Continued…
14. Everytime I Try
15. Can You Feel Me (feat. Michael Bolton)
16. Take Me Back (Official Remix)
17. Certified Diva

18. Nevah Know (Wicked Inna Bed) (Bonus)


Updated!  Since a lot of you guys have been requesting for a re-up, here it is.  I’ve also included her latest single “Nevah Know (Wicked Inna Bed)”.  Enjoy!




I was browsing through my archives and found this.  A shelved album of a talented Jamaican pop singer, Tami Chynn.  I became a fan when I first heard “Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers)”, which was a collaborative production of RedOne and Akon.  It’s a very nice dance track.  When I heard that, I immediately Googled her and there I found everything about her.  She’s signed under Akon’s record label.  She’s had one studio album prior to this that got released called “Out Of Many…One”.  I didn’t like that one much because most of the songs were on the reggae genre.  Majority of the songs from this album were produced by Akon or RedOne, which is good because I love RedOne produced-songs.  Haha!


My favorite songs from this album are “Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers)”, “Frozen”, “We Don’t Mess” and “To Da Floor”.  I’ve also included a few bonus songs here including a demo song, “Everytime I Try”,  her duet with Michael Bolton called “Can You Feel Me” and her latest recording “Certified Diva” under another label (I think).  She’s one underrated artist and I believe that with the proper handling of her career, she’ll also be a hit like all the other pop divas out there.


Rating:     4 of 5 notes

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