Brandy | Human (2008)

Artist:     Brandy
Album:   Human
Genre:     R&B
Label:      Sony Music

Track List
01. Human (Intro)
02. The Definition
03. Warm It Up (With Love)
04. Right Here (Departed)
05. Piano Man
06. Long Distance (Interlude)
07. Long Distance
08. Camouflage
09. Torn Down
10. Human
11. Shattered Heart
12. True
13. A Cappela (Somethings Missing)
14. 1st & Love
15. Fall
16. Gonna Find My Love
17. Locket (Locked In Love)
18. Right Here (Feat. Sean Kingston)
19. Right Here (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
20. Right Here (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Mix)


Okay. So not really a new album.  I just thought of sharing this since this is one of my favorite albums of all time and my favorite Brandy album.  In fact, I’ve been listening to this again this week.  Some songs just keep popping out of my mind and then the next thing I knew I’m listening to the album again.  Haha!  The Brandy-Darkchild chemistry is really incomparable.  They make such beautiful music together and this album is one of their offspring.

Remarkable cuts from this album are “The Definition”, “Right Here (Departed)”, “Piano Man”, “Camouflage”, “Human”, and “Gonna Find My Love”.  R&B fanatics out there who love nice beats would love this album.  Darn! I wish for another Brandy-Darkchild album.  Check this out!

Enjoy! 🙂

Rating:     5 of 5 notes

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