The Script | Science And Faith (2010)

Artist:    The Script
Album:  Science And Faith
Label: RCA
Genre: Pop

Track List

01. You Won’t Feel A Thing
02. For The First Time
03. Nothing
04. Science & Faith
05. If You Ever Come Back
06. Long Gone And Moved On
07. Dead Man Walking
08. This=Love
09. Walk Away
10. Exit Wounds


Yes.  My favorite band, The Script, is back with their sophomore album called “Science And Faith”.  What could we expect but outstanding songs and vocals.  First single off this album is “For The First Time”, which has been on my player months ago.  It’s a nice track.  Just like what I liked about their first album, the lyrics are nice.  You’d feel that the band put so much effort in every song in the album.

My favorite tracks are “For The First Time”, “Nothing”, “Science And Faith”, “If You Ever Come Back” and “Long Gone And Moved On”.


Rating:     5 of 5 notes

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