Madonna | Across The Sky: 2010 Leaks (Fanmade)

Artist:     Madonna
Album:  Across The Sky: 2010 Leaks (Fanmade)


01. Across The Sky (feat. Justin Timberlake)
02. If You Go Away
03. Latte
04. Infinity (“Give It To Me” Demo)
05. Animal
06. Broken (I’m Sorry)
07. Miss You
08. Deeper And Deeper (CT Concept Demo)
09. Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne)
10. It’s So Cool
11. Celebration (Video Version)


Uhm, I just thought of promoting her new single “Across The Sky” by compiling it with of some of her old stuff.  Her new song is really addictive.  Once again, it features Justin Timberlake.  I can still remember how “4 Minutes”, their first collaboration became a party anthem.  Haha!  I have a vision that this song will also do good in the future.

Tracks two to eight are all new leaks.  Old stuff from her previous albums.  Then I just added the remaining songs to make the compilation look more complete.  Enjoy!

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