Jojo | Can’t Take That Away From Me Mixtape (2010)

Artist:    Jojo
Album:  Can’t Take That Away From Me (Mixtape)

Track List
1. Can’t Take That Away From Me 03:02
2. Running On Empty 03:15
3. Pretty Please 03:21
4. Why Didn’t You Call 03:28
5. Just A Dream 03:31
6. When Does It Go Away (Feat. Travis Garland) 04:16
7. My Time Is Money 02:43
8. What You Like (Feat. Jordan Gatsby) 03:39
9. In The Dark 03:32
10. Boy Without A Heart 04:15
11. All I Want Is Everything 03:04


Here’s something new from Jojo.  A  mixtape in preparation for her upcoming album “All I Want Is Everything”.  I miss her voice.  Her last album “The High Road” is one of my favorite albums of all time and it’s a good thing she’s back.  Judging from this sampler, her next album will definitely be good.  I like her new sound.  Favorite songs from this mixtape are “Can’t Take That Away From Me”, and “Running Empty”.  But the album’s a grower.  I’ve only listened to this a few times.  The best part is, she’s giving this away for free.

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