David Archuleta | Elevator (“The Other Side Of Down” Second Single-2010)

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Here’s a Youtube rip of David Archuleta’s second single off “The Other Side Of Down” album, which will be available on October 5, 2010.  This second single called “Elevator”, according to him was written in just 30 minutes.  Song idea came from him.

Listening to this was like listening to Jason Mraz or John Mayer.  I even think of Sara Bareilles when I listen to this.  It’s amazing how David is gradually changing his style when it comes to music and everything he does is epic.  Really can’t wait for the album.  Uhm, apologies for the unwanted tags in the song like the Dj’s voice and the last part.  Haha!  I’ll update this as soon as I have the cleanest copy. 😛


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