Darin | Lovekiller (2010)

Artist:  Darin
Title:    Lovekiller
Label:  Universal
Genre: Pop

Track List
01.  Microphone
02.  You’re Out Of Life
03.  Lovekiller
04.  Only You Can Save Me
05.  Drowning
06.  Viva La Vida
07.  Endless Summer
08.  Ok (Dangerous Game)
09.  Can’t Stop Love
10.  I’ll Be Alright


Been wanting to post this album but I decided to wait until I get the best copy.  The earlier copy I got had songs, which were corrupted.  This is an Itunes release and I just converted the songs to mp3.  Darin is new to me.  He’s a Swedish singer and is also a product of a talent show called “Idol”.  Although he didn’t win the competition, he was able to release five albums to date and “Lovekiller” is his latest.

The first six songs of this album are great.  They’re my favorites.  The rest, uhm, not bad but not catchy enough for me.  My most favorite track is “Drowning”.  It’s so dramatic and I love the melody.  His rendition of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” is also good.  Check him out.


Rating:  5 of 5 notes

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