Carrie Underwood-Instrumentals Collection (Fanmade)

Artist :    Carrie Underwood
Album :  Instrumentals Collection (Fanmade)

Track List
1. Don’t Forget To Remember Me (Some Hearts)
2. I Just Can’t Live A Lie (Some Hearts)
3. I Told You So (Carnival Ride)
4. Just A Dream (Carnival Ride)
5. Lessons Learned (Some Hearts)
6. Starts With Goodbye (Some Hearts)
7. Temporary Home (Play On)
8. That’s Where It Is (Some Hearts)
9. What Can I Say (Play On)
10. Wheel Of The World (Carnival Ride)
11. Whenever You Remember (Some Hearts)


Here’s an instrumental collection of some of Carrie Underwood’s songs from all her three albums — “Some Hearts”, “Carnival Ride”, and “Play On”. I downloaded them from Youtube and converted them to mp3s and they sound good.  Good enough to be used to do covers or just sing along with them.  I don’t know if this post makes sense but thought I’d share it anyway.  Haha!  I did the artwork too.  In fact I was surprised about the outcome. Haha! 😛

Anyway, enjoy!

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