The Saturdays | Headlines EP (2010)

Artist:    The Saturdays
Album:   Headlines
Label:     Polydor/Fascination
Genre : Pop

Track List:
01. Missing You
02. Ego
03. Higher
04. Forever Is Over
05. Died In Your Arms
06. Karma
07. Puppet
08. One Shot (Starsmith Mix)

09. Ready To Rise (Bonus: B-side)


The long wait is over!  The most successful girl group today is now up with their brand new EP called “Headlines” featuring its carrier single, “Missing You”.  Major comment:  Why just an EP?!?  I mean they could’ve and should’ve released a full-length album.  These girls are really talented and they make good music together.  An EP with songs from their previous album in it isn’t enough.  However, the new songs in the EP are really fantastic.  My favorite songs from this EP are “Puppet” and “Karma”, which both carry The Saturday’s trademark when it comes to music — fun!  Their cover of Kristinia Debarge’s “Died In Your Arms” is adorable.  I think they did a better version than Kristinia.  Really proud of them especially Vanessa, my kababayan.  🙂

PS. The original EP doesn’t include “Ready To Rise”, which is only a B-side from the “Missing You” promo CD. Just thought of including it in the file because it’s as lovely as all the songs in the EP and everyone should hear it.  It should make the EP more complete. 🙂

Rating:     5 of 5 notes

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