Justin Bieber | My Worlds (2010)

Artist :   Justin Bieber
Album : My Worlds
Genre :   Pop

Track List
01 One Time
02 Favorite Girl
03 Down To Earth
04 Bigger
05 One Less Lonely Girl
06 First Dance ft. Usher
07 Love Me
08 Common Denominator
09 Baby ft. Ludacris
10 Somebody To Love
11 Stuck In The Moment
12 U Smile
13 Runaway Love
14 Never Let You Go
15 Overboard ft. Jessica Jarrell
16 Eenie Meenie ft. Sean Kingston
17 Up
18 That Should Be Me


19 Kiss And Tell

20 Pick Me


Before you think I am fan, I am not! Haha! A friend of mine just requested for this and since my sister has both albums in my laptop, I thought of posting this to the site for additional traffic. LOL  So here goes JB with his “My Worlds” album. Enjoy!  Added two songs not included in the limited edition.

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