Robyn | The Singles Collection (Fanmade)

Artist:     Robyn

Album:   The Singles Collection (Fanmade)

Track List:

1.  You’ve Got That Something | Robyn Is Here|

2.  Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)  |Robyn Is Here|

3.  Show Me Love |Robyn Is Here|

4.  Do You Know (What It Takes) |Robyn Is Here|

5.  Electric |My Truth|

6.  Keep This Fire Burning |Don’t Stop The Music|

7.  Don’t Stop The Music | Don’t Stop The Music|

8.  Be Mine |Robyn|

9.  Who’s That Girl |Robyn|

10.  Handle Me |Robyn|

11.  Crash And Burn |Robyn|

12.  Dream On |Robyn|

13.  Konichiwa Bitches |Robyn Re-released|

14.  With Every Heartbeat (featuring Kleerup) |Robyn Re-released|

15.  Cobrastyle |Robyn Re-Released|

16.  Fembot |Body Talk Pt. 1|

17.  Dancehall Queen |Body Talk Pt. 1|

18.  None Of Them (feat.  Roleyksopp) |Body Talk Pt. 1|

19.  Dancing On My Own |Body Talk Pt. 1|

20.  Hang With Me |Body Talk Pt. 2|

21.  Hang With Me |Body Talk Pt. 1|

22.  Sexual Eruption (‘Sensual Seduction’ Fyre Department Remix) with Snoop Dogg


How come a Robyn singles collection or a greatest hits album isn’t released?  She’s been in the business for more than a decade already.  Well, according to her Wiki page, she had a greatest hits album but it was not released internationally.  So as a tribute to a very talented artist like her, here’s my own compilation of nothing but her best songs from the past up to today.  It took me hours to find all these songs in HQ but glad I did.  I also did this for my player. LOL

The compilation includes all her hits (that I know of — Lol).  I’ve added a few songs as bonus because they’re also good.  “Hang With Me” is my current addiction but “Show Me Love” and “Dancing On My Own” will always be my favorite tracks.  In the process of compiling all these songs, I’ve discovered that she had an abortion, which she divulged in her “My Truth” album via two songs “Universal Woman” and “Giving You Back”.

Anyway, not here to talk about her personal issues.  For me, she’s one of the best artists we still have these days.  She used to do R&B and Pop but went Electropop when she established her own record label called Konichiwa Records.  Okay, so without further much intro, here’s the link to the compilation.  Enjoy!

Download Link:

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